Ten Randoms

1. I’m obsessed with orange Tic Tacs.

2. I love the smell of coffee beans, but hate the taste and don’t drink it.

3. I think I have about 38 season passes on my TiVo. I like TV. A lot.

4. I make bed every single morning.

5. I can’t stand long finger nails. They give me the creeps.

6. I LIVE in pj pants. I wake up, take a shower and put on another pair.

7. My favorite food is cereal. I could eat it for all three meals a day.

8. I broke my foot almost four years ago just walking. It still hasn't healed completely.

9. I've never seen any of The Godfather movies.

10. My sister, brother and parents are truly my best friends.
Sometimes I forget that our closeness isn’t the norm and not all families are this lucky.

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