Christina Hendricks

Esquire readers voted Christina Hendricks the best looking woman in America. Yay! I love her and I’m sick of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie as the number one anything. With Christina’s curves and that red hair, how can you not fall in love with her?

Plus she’s just so normal and down to earth. And her body is FINE. She’s got three movies coming out soon (Life As We Know It, The Family Tree, and Leonie), which I can’t wait to see. And did you know her Mad Men character, Joan Holloway, is getting her own Barbie doll along with some of the other cast members?

I just remembered this sketch from Saturday Night Live hosted by January Jones featuring lyrics to the Mad Men theme song. Good stuff.

♫ Mad men, mad men, sixties, cigarettes,
thin ties, short hair, mad men, ma-ad men. ♪

July 25th can’t come soon enough.

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