A Welcome and a Song

I gave in and got a second blog. I think of things I want to post all day, but over at my family blog, it seems inappropriate. I also tend to overuse Facebook and can't help but think that people are getting annoyed by me. I'm getting annoyed myself. So this blog will be about me, what I love, what's bugging me, what I'm thinking, what I want, etc.

I'm kicking it off with my favorite song. How can I pick just one song? Well, my favorite band of all time is No Doubt and I pretty much love every single song. Gwen Stefani is such a great lyricist and I find that her words affect me as much now as they did when I was in high school. But if I had to just pick one song, I think it'd be Excuse Me Mr. Not because I exactly relate to the lyrics, but because I love the music, the tempo, the video, Gwen's voice. I think it is so fun to sing and it brings me back to my junior year in high school when I first discovered No Doubt, driving around in my boyfriend's car singing at the top of my lungs. annoying him. Enjoy!

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Lacey said...

Awh I'm so glad your joining in on the 30 days :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your post!

xoxo Lacey.

PS. I LOVE NO DOUBT! such a good choice!!!