Spring Movies

Isle of Dogs
I will always see everything Wes Anderson creates.

Looks creepy. I'm into it.

Ready Player One
I liked the book enough to check this out, though the trailer doesn't wow me.

It looks funny enough.

I didn't know anything about this incident, so I googled it. So sketchy!

A Quiet Place
This looks so creepy! I'm gonna have high blood pressure while I watch.

Oh hey, '70s Jon Hamm!

You Were Never Really Here
I'm curious about this one and Joaquin looks great, but it might just be too violent for me.

Super Troopers 2
The drunk/high college student in me has to see this long overdue sequel. I still quote the first one.

I Feel Pretty
I love Amy and I'll probably laugh a few times, but I'll most likely rent this one later.

I haven't seen the original since I was a kid. I love Anna Faris so I'll probably check this out.

Life of the Party
It doesn't look amazing, but it's Melissa McCarthy so I'm there.

Deadpool 2

This is based on a true story! I'd just die.

Creeeepy. Toni Collette is always amazing.

Oceans 8
I can't wait!

Incredibles 2
I saw the first one on a date with Jacob before marriage and kids. It'll be fun to take the boys to this one.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
And another one for the family!

Also playing this spring: Pacific Rim: Uprising, Midnight Sun, Sherlock Gnomes, Paradox, Paul, Apostle of Christ, Mary Magdalene, Acrimony, The Miracle Season, Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, Submergence, Rampage, Traffik, Avengers: Infinity War, Bad Samaritan, Breaking In, Slender Man, Show Dogs, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Action Point

What are you excited to see?


I've Been...

I've been listening to these new albums:

I wasn't super excited about JT's comeback album, Man of the Woods, but it has grown on me. I don't love it enough to see him on tour this year though, which is kind of a bummer. My favorite tracks are Supplies, Wave (it's so cheesy, but it gets stuck in my head), Say Something, and Breeze Off The Pond

I've been watching these new music videos:

Janelle Monáe's Make Me Feel is so fun and fresh and is a great spring/summer jam! The video makes me happy and want to dance. It's been on repeat for a week. I'm such a big fan of hers. I learned about Norwegian singer Sigrid a few weeks ago and love her voice! Her latest song Strangers (which actually came out in November) has also been on repeat and also makes me want to dance.

I've been reading these books:

I've been reading tons of books, but these two were my favorites from the past month. I loved the story and family in This Is How It Always Is from the very beginning. The last part of the book felt a little out of place from the rest of it, and the ending was too perfect, but I still give it four stars. An American Marriage is a poignant, well-written story with different POVs and done in a bit of an epistolary style. I listened to the audiobook and loved the narrators. Five stars to this one!

I've been watching these new shows:

Queer Eye is so, so, so good. I liked the old show, but this one is amazing. It's so heartwarming and fun and I cry during every episode. Good Girls Revolt isn't amazing, but it's keeping my attention and I love the leading ladies so much, I'll keep tuning in. I have the biggest crush on Glenn Howerton and love his asshole character on A.P. Bio. I love the cast and premise of Champions, but it hasn't wowed me yet. I'm giving both of those shows a few more episodes. Heathers pushed back it's premiere until later this year in the wake of the Parkland school shooting, but I watched the first episode online when it was still available. It's really over the top and I'm not sure what to think about it, but I will be trying again when it comes back. I really liked the first episode of Rise. Ted Mosby Josh Radnor didn't annoy me at all and the show has a darker, real feel. It's a drama club version of Friday Night Lights and I'm here for it. Especially because the kids are putting on the musical Spring Awakening.

I've been catching up on these shows:

I'm also watching the one and only season of Bunheads on Hulu. For those who missed it (like I did), it's the show Amy Sherman-Palladino did after Gilmore Girls. I watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee online when it first premiered and liked it just fine, but not enough to seek it out. I'm glad it's on Netflix now. I binged the whole series in a week and can't wait for new episodes.

I've been seeing these movies:

Black Panther was visually appealing with great characters and an amazing cast. A little too much battle for my taste, but that's to be expected. Annihilation was REALLY pretty! A little thrilling and kind of strange, but I liked it. Game Night was so much better than I expected! It laughed out loud throughout and enjoyed the cast so much. A Wrinkle In Time is not as bad as the reviews say, but it was slow. It was beautiful with an amazing message (especially for girls), but it bored me in places. Probably because it's really geared towards children. 

I've been streaming these ones:

I don't know how I never knew about What We Do In The Shadows, but I've watched it twice since learning about it. It's AMAZING. I've heard a TV show is in the works, so I'm crossing my fingers. The Florida Project was real and gritty and heartbreaking. I loved it. When We First Met isn't anything special, but it was a cute time passing rom-com for my flight. The Disaster Artist is good! Both Franco brothers did a great job, but James was perfect as Tommy Wiseau. I think you need to have seen The Room to totally appreciate this film, but if not, it's still a good story. 

I've been listening to this podcast:

I've only listened to three episodes West Cork so far, but I'm into this cold case about the 1996 murder of a French film producer who was found near her vacation home in Ireland.

What have you been up to?



What a trip! Jacob and I spent four days in New Orleans and had the best time! It's such a gorgeous city with so much history and culture. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, but I really did fall in love. The weather was perfect (mid-70s and only a little rain on our last morning), the people were super friendly, and contrary to popular belief, it didn't smell that bad. Haha!

We spent our evenings drinking, strolling, and people watching on Bourbon Street, and made sure to hit up Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar and Pat O'Brien's for classic New Orleans drinks. We walked up and down Canal and Frenchman streets, wandered through Jackson Square, and stopped in The Presbytère where we learned about Hurricane Katrina and Mardi Gras. We took self-guided tours of the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, and St. Charles Cemetery No. 2. We walked through Audubon and City parks and drove through Tulane University, up to Lake Pontchartrain, and into the Lower Ninth Ward. We took a swamp tour, visited the National World War II Museum, and stopped by the Chalmette Battlefield and National Cemetery.

As far as food goes, we had WAY too much! We ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde, had gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice at Pat O'Brien's, bought macrons from Sucrè, had crêpes at Toast, got lunch at Pizza Delicious, shared a flight of pancakes at Ruby Slipper Cafe (their bacon praline pancake was the winner!), tried a little of bit of everything at St Roch Market, had a cheesecake filled Snoball at SNO-LA, and enjoyed drinks and apps on the porch of The Columns Hotel. I gained five pounds.